Builders are increasingly aware of the importance of including user perspectives in their projects. AnthroConsult offers an examination of user needs and preferences.
The involvement of users has great impact on the functionality of the construction and, in particular, that capability of the building to sustain the life and activities that are to take place in it. AnthroConsult is specialised in examining the spacial well-being of users: how do people perceive of a specific physical cadre? How does the architecture influence life in the building? Examples:

| How does the design of a nursing home support the physical, psychological and social well-being of the residents?
| What does it take to create ‘healing architecture’ in a hospital, for instance?
| How may an office space enhance the work processes that are meant to occur there, e.g. the sharing of knowledge, cooperation and/or concentration

In architectural design competitions and concept development, AnthroConsult delivers empirical studies of user perspectives. We can ensure an evidence based contribution to the user aspect. We assist our clients in creating innovative conceptual designs that meet the demands of users as well as builders.