AnthroConsult provides qualitative research studies and consultancy on user involvement and user driven development. Ethnographic methods include


| In-depth individual interviews
| Focus group interviews
| Participant observation
| Text and discourse analysis

The choice of method reflects each particular assignment and the requirements of our clients. Projects may also involve trusted partners specialised in quantitative methods, market analysis, evaluation or health economy. AnthroConsult often combines qualitative analyses with quantitative survey data to strengthen our results applying triangular research methods.


The communication of AnthroConsult’s analyses is defined by our clients’ needs. Oral and written communications may be:

| Publications in scientific journals
| Presentations at conferences and meetings (oral presentations and posters)
| Study reports
| Oral reports
| Process consultation


We consider it essential to communicate our projects and results in a user oriented manner. Our goal is to provide our clients with evidence based knowledge as well as guides to action.