AnthroConsult is specialised in qualitative user analyses for public and private stakeholders. We deliver in-depth knowledge about the target group(s) of your intervention and the means to apply this knowledge develop your services.
AnthroConsult examines user perspectives, be they citizens, patients or employees.

We analyse the experiences and needs of individuals and groups. We examine the expectations of a service or technology and how users may inspire to innovate your service and the collaboration around it.



Human behaviour must be examined in context. The context may be organizational, socio-cultural or architectural. Behaviour may be that of patient groups, ethnic groups or a team of employees, for instance. The physical context can be that of a hospital, office space or a nursing home.
Organisations are based on formal structures, but they are also driven by informal practices and traditions. AnthroConsult provides qualitative organizational analyses to identify the interactions between an organizational structure and the culture that characterises it. This bottom-up approach allows us to point out means to truly innovate and develop your organisation.


AnthroConsult aims to improve public services, taking human perception and behaviour as the starting point. Our analyses facilitate a reconsideration of the relations between institutions, public authorities and citizens, to optimize the satisfaction of and cooperation between all stakeholders.